Our Interlocking Tile Flooring is great For:  Sunrooms, Restaurants, Retail, Office,Playrooms, Basements, Mud Rooms, Entryways, Trade shows, Showrooms, FarmersMarkets, Craft Fairs, Outdoor Events.

Anti-Fatigue exhibit flooring

A 3 day long event is spent standing and walking around all day, this is more tiring than most of us desk jockeys are used to. Your staff needs to be protected with Anti-Fatigue exhibit flooring so they can be at their best during the show. You might be surprised at how many visitors welcome soft cushioned trade show floors and will spend more time chatting, just to take a break.

Most trade show conventions rent trade show flooring. However this cost is usually more than it costs to purchase our interlocking tiles.

Wear Layer Superguard

Scratch, Scuff and
Stain Resistant

Floorscore Certified

Modular, Lightweight,
High-density and Durable

Permanent or temporary


Exclusive interlocking


Sets up in Minutes

Easy to maintain

Made 100% in the USA!